Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paris Marathon Here We Come

So it’s finally here. We leave tomorrow for the Paris Marathon (no not Paris Ontario). It seems like only a very short time ago that I got the crazy idea that I should do a destination race. Paris in the spring seemed like the logical choice. This will be my second marathon and Kim my spouse's first time running 26.2 miles.

I started specifically training for Paris in the last week of December. Training in general went fairly well as I didn’t get any kind of serious injury and managed to get almost all my runs in. I only missed two days training due to a very bad cold.

This was no small feat as the winter weather in Toronto was particularly nasty again this year. I still wonder why it is that we had such mild winters here for years until last year when I took up running outdoors again. Coincidence..... I think not. I was forced a number of times off the streets and into the gym on the indoor track or even worse onto the treadmill (sorry George but I still hate the treadmill with a passion).

I can still remember one Sunday long run in particular with Steve where we braved -25 degree temperature and 50km winds. It was so cold that by the time we were half finished our water bottles had frozen solid. Fun times.. fun times.

I also got to watch Kim go from a casual runner, who only started running last spring, to building her mileage up to marathon level. She spent many long evenings running alone in the cold and dark, never complaining. It was amazing to watch someone work so hard and show so much dedication. It was Awesom-O.

Special thanks are in order to George Hubbard for helping us put together our training programs and keeping us, and by us I mean me, honest. Also a big thanks to fellow Longboat Roadrunners, Steve B, Gregoire B, Anne B, Rob C, John L and Susan F for putting in Sunday morning winter long runs with me in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Thanks for pushing the pace guys. Also a big thank you to Sabrina, Adrian and Mike C for giving me the low down on the race and their experiences running the Paris Marathon.

Now all that’s left is running 26 miles ... LOL. Watch for my upcoming race report on how it went.

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