Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Training Update ... Sulphur Springs 25k trail race this Saturday

Time for a quick training update. Over the last few weeks (since the seaton trail race) I have managed to get myself back into fairly normal training routine. This was not easy with all the races I had in May.

The last two weeks I was able to get my base mileage back up to around the 45 mile a week mark and with a little luck should be back to running 55 to 60 mile weeks by mid June. Currently running 5 days a week including a long run (17 miles last week), a couple of recovery runs and Friday night track / speed work. Hope to go to 6 day weeks and as I get back to doing a more structured tempo run. Most of my tempo work has come this month in the form of racing but that will change as I don't expect to do any kind of distance racing again until mid July or August, just some short painful 5 to 8ks.

No track this Friday though as I am running the Sulphur Springs 25k Trail race on Saturday morning. This will be my second OUSER trail race this year. As with Seaton I am not sure what to expect from the course but expect it will be challenging. No time goal for this one, just looking to run it hard but pace better then Seaton. If I manage to get to the finish without a sore knee I will be very happy. Fellow Longboater Steve (my ankle hurts) Blackburn is running as well in the 10k. Watch for the race report sometime in the next little while.


  1. Good luck on the race. I once did the 10 km race when I just started getting in shape. I loved the course.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog. Good luck with the trail race this weekend.

  3. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    You are running some serious mileage. Good luck at the trail race!

  4. Wow! Goodluck to your race! Kudos to you and to all the runners around the world! ; )


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