Monday, June 8, 2009

Holy Boring Batman .... Training Update

Like the title says all we got in this here blog is some boring training info from last week. With my cutting back on racing to focus on training I unfortunately ( fortunately?) have no great tales of my racing exploits to mesmerize you with. So I guess training crap will have to do.

Week unfolded as follows.

Sunday 18 miles long run
Went pretty well mostly ran on asphalt with some trails. Misjudged my distance and had to add a mile on to the run after I made it home.. I hate when that happens. Math is hard .. like duh.

Monday rest
I rested .. pretty self explanatory. Hit the gym for some weight training.

Tuesday 8.5 miles (trails)
Steve had to cancel so was on the trails alone. Good thing I didn’t fall down and get hurt as I could have been lost forever. Ran at a pretty easy pace.

Wednesday 10 miles Tempo
Did a group run with Longboat and extended my Wednesday night run out to 10 miles. Will take it up to 12 or more over the next few weeks. Ran at tempo pace but instead of doing speed intervals decided just to run the whole thing fast. Averaged just a bit slower then HM pace.

Thursday 5.5 miles (trails)
I met up with Steve for trail running in High Park. Short but sweet, we ran it at a pretty easy pace as my legs were still sore from Wednesday. Had to do a one legged chicken dance to avoid stepping on a really big garter snake that I didn’t see until the last minute. I also got covered in inch worms that must have been falling from the trees. Note to self buy pet monkey to pick yucky but tasty worms off of me. Maybe I can also train it to tend bar.

Friday 6.5 miles (track workout)
Ran 2 miles out to the track and felt pretty crappy. Left calf was pretty tight as well. Told coach George that I would do what I could. Work out was 400 x 1, 800 x 4, 400 x 1. Was able to do the whole workout without dying and hit all my paces properly. This made me tired but happy. The week before did 400 x 10. Not sure which one was harder. Wondering if coach George realizes that these workouts are exactly the same distances of hard running (4000m)... I bet he does. How was I tricked into thinking this week's workout was easier. I will make smart ass comment about this next time I see him.

Saturday 7.5 miles (trails)
Morning run with Longboat in High Park on trails. Ran first half hard .. second half not so much. Legs a bit dead from the track. I tried to not over do it as I am doing a 20 miler on Sunday.

Week total 56 miles
Hit my goals for the week. Legs feel pretty good no injuries. Hope to hit 60 miles next week.
Did my Sunday run yesterday and then had Kim make me a 5 bean salad .. yummy. Followed that with homemade chili for dinner. I pity anyone that has to stay in any kind of enclosed space with me on Monday. Maybe I will take in a yoga class.. HA


  1. Snakes and worms? Oh boy, I am not cut out for the trails!

    Great workouts this week, especially those intervals since you weren't feeling too hot.

    Good luck with 60 miles!

  2. "Note to self buy pet monkey to pick yucky but tasty worms off of me. Maybe I can also train it to tend bar."
    LOL! Now that's funny. I want to see pictures of it. Actually, maybe it's not a bad idea, especially if he can scare off dogs as well. Hummm.

  3. Snakes, inch worms? And people wonder why we like trail running so much. LOL
    Yoga probably not a good idea. Pee-yoo-eeeee!

  4. i'm going to pass on the trails for a little while... definitely had to scroll past that pic so i missed a little bit of your recap (sorry). 56 miles, impressive!

  5. wonder what meeting that snake across my path would have done to my pace... lol. that's a lotta mileage though, well done!

  6. Not a bad week for a boring trainng week, snakes, worms what else could you ask fr? Hope you didn't field too many complaints on Monday morning!.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am always amazed at you runners from the north. First, you have to deal with winter. And then, the summers - I was in St. Catherine's the last two summers and wilted in the heat and humidity!

    Love the monkey reference! Need to teach him how to shake a mean martini. Now that would be entertaining!

  8. Oh, I hate having to add distance on once I get to my driveway!

    The snake and the worms would have done me in, for sure.

  9. I don't know about the snake! They freak me out! I run alot of trails and have yet to run into the lovely slithery things!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I sure do hope my good run is around the corner! But work starts for me again today!

    You get great mileage in during the week!! I want your schedule!

  10. Wow, nice mileage for the week!

    Yeah, the snake thing.. ugh. The worms, whatever. At least it was just a garter snake. Not that it makes it much better.

  11. Dude, you run insane miles! Nice come back from the beer belly. And how unusual that someone from Toronto likes Rush! Been a fan all my life, even if I haven't taken in a concert since Signals. Niiiice.

  12. Funny, I've been finding snakes on the trails lately too! Who'd think in the GTA? Well, apparently it's good luck :)

  13. Excellent mileage all with dealing with snakes and worms!

  14. Finding a snake while Im on my run would freak me out too but isnt is amazing to find one? FInding one is a sign of good luck! : )

  15. Hi Chris,
    I would totally freak out and switch to road running if I ever saw a snake on the trail. The good luck was that you didn't step on it.

  16. I'm running a trail race on Saturday (only my 2nd one) and now I am thinking about snakes and inch worms. Fun!

  17. Math is especially difficult while running eighteen miles. I can relate...

  18. Hi Chris!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Even though you had no race exploits to report, you have snakes, worms, and monkeys...I mean really, what else do you need? There's all sorts of fun to be had there.

    I try to avoid math while running all the time. It just gives me a headache!

  19. That's a lot of miles. And a big snake. Is there any correlation to the number of miles you run and the size of the snakes you encounter? If so, would you please graph this out.

  20. Hi Chris!

    I've visited your nice running post via Strewth's blog.

    I like running and If I find a snake I'll run quicker.


  21. Man, that's some great mileage there! I hope the yoga class "happenend"...

  22. I'm hoping hit the trail more in the coming years, there are so many adventures waiting!! Do you run with a camera/phone camera? I sometimes bike with a camera in my bento box. I always see stuff--fascinating! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well.


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