Thursday, February 4, 2010

goodbye base training hello hills... last months training stats.

Base training is done and seems too have gone pretty well. I dropped my mileage down quite a bit in November and early December. I have now built it back up to 65+ miles a week and have no nagging injuries at this point in time.

Last week was the start of the hill training phase. When I got my program from Roger it set me back on my heels on first glance. First off it moves me to training 7 days a week which is a first for me but more then that I am seeing never ending hills. The next 6 weeks look like this.

Monday - recovery run
Tuesday - hills (easy)
Wednesday - tempo
Thursday - easy run
Friday - hills (hard)
Saturday - hills (easy)
Sunday - long run (on very hilly route)

After the initial shock however I realized that its really not much different then what I was doing last summer. I ran trails that were very hilly every Tuesday and Saturday but since they were on the trails instead of the road I never really thought of them as hills. Yeah I know that sounds strange but there it is.

First week of hills went well but I have lost 2 days of training this week with a bad case of the stomach flu. Also as the pictures attest to it has gotten kind of cold again.

Last Months Training Stats.

Here are my January Training Stats
Days run: 27
Days off: 4
20 mile runs: 2
Races: 1 - 8k

Total Miles 249


  1. Do you ever feel like you're putting in a lot of mileage and a lot of long runs for so few races? Or do you think it really is an added benefit to put all those miles in for a few races? Feel fresher on your feet, etc.

  2. You guys look like running ninjas!! :)

  3. You look so cold! I must say, when I read this post my first thought was: "That's a hell of a lot of running" :) Pretty impressive!

  4. Congrats on the successful base training and good luck with the hills. Stay warm!

  5. Congrats on base training, good luck for the rest of your planned season.

  6. Hmmm... I don't think I've every had the words easy and hill in the same sentence. You've done a great job base training so I'm sure you are ready for all of the hills. Love the pictures!

  7. Remember...hills are you friends!! In training, they really are.

  8. That's a LOT of hills!!!! And tons of mileage too! Great to be done the base mileage and moving on to this intense training. Yay!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- yay! new readers! I've taken the littlest peak around here, and methinks I'll be hanging out a bit. You're the kind of runner that I hope to become (well, probably not in speed but in distance), and it's fitting that the first post of yours I read is about hills -- my used-to-be nemesis and slowly becoming my friends.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my digs. Man, I feel like a wimp. You sure look cold. Good luck with your training and those dang hills!!

  11. Congratulations for your hard program.
    Good luck with your training.

  12. Love the cold pictures! I am in SoCal right now and believe it or not it makes me miss home. I love running when it is cold.


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