Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fabulous Prizes just waiting to be won.... My almost, kinda great giveaway!!

Fabulous Prizes just waiting to be won.... My almost, kinda great giveaway
Okay in the interest of creating some good Karma for myself for my upcoming 100 miler I have decided to give some Crap .. I mean cool stuff away. Of course this begs the question, if you do something too try and get good Karma on purpose does this actually give you bad Karma? Hmmmm ... Metaphysics was never my thing. Where the heck is Yoda when you need him?

I also read somewhere that its good to give some possessions away before a long difficult trip. Some sort of ancient custom. I read it in a book or maybe saw it in a movie so its got to be true. I was thinking nobody would want a pair of my old running socks so you get some new stuff instead.

Okay here are the rules if you want to win.

1. You must be a follower of my blog, you know under the follower part of this blog or via facebook networkblogs. Its easy people just press the freaking button.

2. Leave a comment that you want some of this crap. Hell leave a comment even if you don't.

3. Post a link on your blog or facebook tag line to this contest will get you a second entry and who doesn't want that. Remember to tell me in your comment that you did this. I am not a psychic I just pretend to be one to get people to give me their money.

If you are a better runner then me or you are better looking then me you will be disqualified from this contest. Okay not really I mean if I did that there would only be like 2 people entered. No I am not going to give you their names.

Winners will be randomly selected by my cat on Sunday after Sulphur Springs. Sunday definitely Sunday. Winners announced on Monday May 31 by me. My cat still has not learned how to type.

What can ya get.

Running Prize

Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp

Non Running prize

Family Guy DVD

No I have not watched it and put it back in its box. It is still sealed in cellophane, honest.

Enter away people.


  1. Hey, I'm up for some new crap! Already a follower. I'll also post your giveaway on my blog.
    I may not be faster, but don't hate me because I'm more beautiful...

  2. I love this giveaway! I am already a follower :)

  3. I do want this crap for sure and I just linked this up to my blogs sidebar!

  4. Daddy needs a headlamp! And I follow.

  5. I'm a follower on NetworkedBlogs now (plus added you to my Google Reader and Blogroll - does that count extra?). And added a status update to the Predawn Runner fan page with a link to your contest.

  6. I like this giveaway and I've just posted your link on my blog. Of course I'm a follower!
    Good luck for your upcoming 100 miler :)

  7. Hi Chris,
    Yes, I am a follower:) I want some free crap and mama needs a headlamp! Seriously, I don't have one yet!

    I will link you in now!

    This is a great giveaway prize!

  8. I'm already a follower, and could definitely use that headlamp for my night runs and/or if I find myself engaged in some unplanned spelunking. Hasn't happened to me yet, but always good to be prepared.

    I'll link you to my blog in the next couple days.

    Good luck with the 100 miler - that's awesome!

  9. That headlamp look virtually identical to mine, and yet a little more sexy due to the colour. Sign me up!! Maybe if I wear two headlamps cars will stop trying to run me down.

  10. Do you believe in Karma?? It must be real because just last night I decided I need a headlamp when I was running a trail and darkness was closing in (there are bears arond here you know ;) AND I watched a Family Guy marathon when I got home!! Oh and I am a new follower!

  11. I'll link to you on my sidebar!

  12. Dear Awesome town, yes please.
    Enough said.

  13. This post cracks me up; love your humor. I need some crap. I just don't have enough (err...don't ask my husband about this). I'm a follower!

    I'm doing another post tomorrow, so I'll be back w/ another comment to let you know I linked you!

  14. I want some of the stuff especially the headlamp! I need it for a race this summer!

  15. I love crap! Most of what I own is actually crap, so more the merrier.

    Sign me up captain!

  16. Gimme, gimme! I need crap, I don't have enough running crap, as I'm sort of new to it.


  17. Long time listener, first time caller. Actually, I'm a new Blogger but am now following you & just listed you.

  18. I follow and am easy for free stuff.

  19. I did it.... you've got today's headlining spot on my blog! I am a follower and am interested in the headlamp (have the movie)!

    Gotta run.

  20. Linked to your giveaway in my blog post today: http://evolvingthroughrunning.blogspot.com/2010/05/marathon-2-electric-boogaloo.html

  21. I clicked the F'n follow button so now I'm a follower. I prefer to follow via the RSS feed so I did that, too.
    I could use a new haedlamp. I'm in.


  22. I'm a follower and I posted it to my blog and twitter... NOW GIMMIE... pleeease! :)




  23. Hey Chris,
    I am already a follower and love to enter this type of contest.....I just enjoy to continue proving that given as good as a fifty/ fifty chance I will lose 100% of the time.
    If by some strange circumstance I win, I really have too much junk already and would be willing to donate my winnings to one of the needy entrants. I just want to keep the title of WINNER!

  24. I'm a follower!!! Woot woot love free stuff!!!

  25. I'm a follower, and I'm thus entering away :)

  26. I followed you and just posted it on my blog - http://bit.ly/a3zCGZ

  27. Hey, I could use some cool crap, and I do follow your rantings of course. Who wouldn't? (suck up) lol. I am definitely not a better runner and as far as the other part......Who's to say right? Hey does the headlamp come with fresh new batteries. I have one, but my light is fading. lol. If I don't win, can you give me some batteries? lol.

  28. I love crap, especially headlamps. They make for good running and dumpster-diving paraphernalia.

  29. Chris, I hope you are having a great time right now and staying strong. Cant wait to read your report. You can keep your crap. Peace E


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