Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rain Delay almost over time to get blogging

Wow have I ever gotten behind in my blogging and race reports. Honestly its not my fault, there was nothing I could do. It's the marshals fault, they don't give you computer access in the witness protection program. Okay so maybe I wasn't in the program, maybe I was just trying to avoid Mr. T.. I heard that he was looking for me after all the mean things I said about him.

Actually I have been away from the blogging for the last month due to more “real” life issues. First off there was the whole getting married to Kim, wedding in Halifax which was great fun but kept us both very busy. At the same time I was forced to make a change in the career department which just added to the chaos. Added to that were 3 ultras and well you get the picture.

Don't worry now I am back like that chatty ultra runner that gets behind you on the trail and just will not shut up. Oh crap that really is me. I should be able to catch things up here over the next week.

Watch for my Dirty Girls 24 hr race report to be posted later today or tomorrow. I also should have my Haliburton 100 miler report up next Monday. After that its all up in the air.

I am still debating on whether to run the 24hrs on the track in Ottawa on September 24th. Would like to do this one but it will probably come down to whether I can find a ride and make things work logistically.

Oh ya. Happy belated Birthday Kimmie!!


  1. Congrats on the wedding, Chris & Kim!

    Looking forward to those race reports... a friend of mine ran her first 100 in Haliburton last weekend too!

  2. Congrats on getting married! Looking forward to your race reports. You are doing some incredible distances!

  3. Congrats on getting married! I sometimes have been away from the blogging for a month, especially when I had had some crazy and busy weeks.
    I look forward to reading your reports and your decision about the 24hrs on the track in Ottawa on September 24th.
    Happy running!

  4. Congrats on the wedding! I was getting worried about you, I thought you might have been lost in the woods or something.

  5. Hey Chris! It was Maryka - we run together through the Newmarket Running Room marathon group.


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