Monday, July 25, 2011

Limberlost Race Report ... Injury and Training update .. BR 100 next weekend

Limberlost 56k race report
This is going to be a short race report because this ended up being a short one for me. I have begun to feel that if Charlie Brown was an ultra runner this is the kind of season he would be having. You know the kind where whatever could go wrong will go wrong. How did I become the hard luck peanuts character anyway when usually I share more in common with Snoopy.

We headed up to Limberlost on July 16th. I would run the 56km as a last long run / training run for the Burning River 100 miler. Kim was running 28km as she ramps up the distance for her upcoming Pikes Peak Accent. I ran this last year and really love the trails here. Challenging and somewhat technical but also really beautiful.

It was a nice sunny day, great weather although it would end up getting very hot. Before you knew it we were lined up and ready to go. My plan was simple I would run the first 14km loop moderately fast, loops two and three easy and the fourth loop hard to finish it off.

The first loop went well. The trails were as nice as I had remembered from the year before. I ended up running with Stephan M. for about 7 km then dropped off a little as he was moving just a bit to fast. My HR was higher then I wanted but not to bad and I ended up finish the loop in 1:35 minutes right on schedule. A quick refuelling and refilling of the bottles and I was back out again.

A couple of km into the loop I noticed my stomach was a little unsettled, not a big deal but it did give me a small eureka moment. I realized that my nutrition problems the last few races are more then likely caused by the ensure I was taking. I ran using ensure in long races last year but never in really hot conditions. I now believe that heat + ensure = stomach issues for me so if I am right this could really help at Burning River.

I was feeling good now, it was hot but manageable and I was cruising along totally oblivious just like the Titanic until wham, I steamed head long right into the iceberg. Running along one of the flattest non technical areas on the entire course I stepped on something (no idea what) and rolled my ankle over badly before hitting the ground face first. I got up quickly nothing seemed broken but my ankle was hurting. Not so bad I couldn't run at all on it but bad enough. For #&*% sakes!!

I ran along slowly for the next 6km trying to see if the ankle would numb up or the pain would recede but no luck. It was slowly getting worse. At 25km I knew that the writing was on the wall. I could run slowly and still finish the race. I had run fast early and even walking I could get in before the cut off. The only problem with that was my ankle would be far worse for wear. I decide to shut it down and ended up walking the 3k out to the start / finish line.

Man this sucked. I felt really good except for my ankle which was only kind of hurt. I decided to take some time, tape the ankle up and see how it felt. After I got it wrapped I headed back out for a third loop. It felt no better then before. I contemplated continuing but I had a lot of time to think about things as I walked out the last part of my second loop. This was suppose to be a training run. If I kept going there was a real good chance I would hurt myself more and it might end up costing me my goal race at Burning River. I decided to error on the side of caution ( wow I know how unlike me is that!) and shut it down for the day. I turned around and walked back to the start finish.

Kim had a really good race and seems to be over her heel injury. Way to finish it strong honey.

Training / Injury update
Its a week later and now I know I made the right choice. My ankle is still hurting some but is improving every day. I got about 35 miles of running in last week and it was only mildly sore. With almost no running this week during my taper I am hoping it is fully recovered by race day.

I am really looking forward to the Burning River 100 this coming weekend. After such a tough go of it at the Mohican a little redemption is hopefully on the menu. Its looking like its going to be a hot one but hell it is July so what can you do. We will head down Friday with 4 other Ontario runners so should be a blast. Misery loves company.


  1. Great decision by stopping and keeping your focus on BR100. Hope recovery / taper goes well and you have a strong race.
    Ensure - It upsets my stomach when it's hot. I can only drink it cold when the temps have dropped. I use it at night when my body temp and outside temp has lowered.

  2. Honestly, I wondered how the hell you could stand to drink Ensure in the heat. You're probably right about it being problematic. I hope the ankle heals up! Good luck at the 100 miler!

  3. Good decision to nurse the ankle to ensure you can run at BR. Have fun and good luck.

  4. Good luck over in Ohio Chris! Hope that ankle treats you well. (I can't believe you could even down the ensure when it was hot...)

  5. Sorry about that ankle--it truly DOES suck when you're feeling good and sticking to plan and something unforeseen does that to you. Your race this weekend will be wonderful (hot, but wonderful). Good luck!

  6. I hope you'll feel better soon! Take care!
    Good luck at the 100 miler!

  7. Have a great time this deserve it when the luck you have had of late!

  8. Doh, so sorry about your fall! Sounds like you made the smart choice and that you will be fine for your big race. I'm sure it was hard to call it a day but I'm sure you will be glad. Good luck!

  9. Just found your blog and love it! It looks like you have lots of experience in ultras. I am looking to do my first 50km - any suggestions for the best race in Ontario to do for my first? Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I probably won't do one until next year - but now I have some great ideas! I can't wait!

  11. Hope the ankle all better for the next race!


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