Monday, November 7, 2011

Leadville and back to training basics

So if you are hoping to read my posting on my Rim to Rim to Rim ( R2R2R ) I am afraid that its not quite finished yet. That thing is getting written at a slower pace then I actually managed to do the run. It is coming before the end of the week. Honest.

In the intermission for your entertainment pleasure or perhaps laughter or maybe horror I have already begun to line up my major runs for next year. After finishing the run at the Grand Canyon the group of us hung around at JDs condo and licked our wounds. Somehow while basking in our glory we all became somewhat delusional and in this state an idea was born. I am not saying it was a good idea or a bad idea but it was definitely a crazy idea. We all decided that we should run the Leadville 100 miler.

Its 2 weeks since the planting of that little gem of an idea was first brought up and now 4 of us flatlanders from Toronto have paid the money and are all signed up. The race isn't until next August so hopefully I will be back in shape by then. How the heck I am actually going to train for this one is still a work in progress. I live basically at sea level with not a mountain in sight. The race takes place between 9000 and 12,000 ft in Colorado at altitude. Should be a blast. Leadville here we come.

Back to Basics
So with the season finally over its back to basic training. Usually I take a few weeks to a month of low mileage in November but since my injury kind of forced me into 8 weeks of low to no mileage in August and September I have begun the rebuild already.

Last week I put together workout program for both Kim and I that will take us to the start of January. I would call it the base building before the marathon training begins program. It will be a mileage rebuild with lots of cross training thrown in until the miles get up there. I am currently carrying about 10 extra pounds (above racing weight) which the Gods of BEER decided to grace me with over my injury time. Stupid beer, who knew. The plan is to be rid of my extra passenger by Christmas. Its that or become a mall Santa.

Week 1 of training went okay. Lost a run due to a slight hamstring pull but still got close to 50 miles in. That said my longer Sunday run showed me in no uncertain terms that my legs are still not recovered from the Grand Canyon. It sucks when 22km feels like 50km but I expect things will get back to normal in another few weeks.

Hang in there R2R2R report is coming up.


  1. woohoo! leadville or bust! the fantastic four head to the mountains for a little altitude!!

  2. You are amazing! Leadville will be the best and I'm sure you can pull of the training.

    I have a good friend who did R2R2R this past weekend. Bad conditions but they did a great job. So cool!

  3. So I guess that means you guys won't be at Pikes Peak next year (aren't they always around the same time?).....Oh well. You seem to be drawn to CO, so I'm sure you'll be back for that one someday. Leadville....I'm in awe...

  4. Go Leadville! Why not? It's good to have something crazy to look forward to, right. It will be a great adventure.

  5. Excellent stuff Chris. So jealous that you will be taking part in an iconic race! Hoping to do my first 100 miler next year! Enjoy the base building, it's something I am doing at the moment as well.

  6. I love this! A few blogger/Face Book friends are trying to convince me to enter Leadville. I actually might and it is only the cost of the trip holding me back. The SA Rand is not great and the entry fee is nearly R2500 (SA Rand) which is bad. Plain tickets will be very expensive as well, but I'm still thinking about it.

  7. Leadville was my first 100 miler and I loved it. So excited for you'll have a blast!

  8. I'm in as well! No idea how to train for it but should be fun to try.

  9. Just can't get enough Colorado ;-)

  10. I'm getting a bunk bed and sleeping on the top bunk, thereby doubling the altitude where I sleep. Live high and train low, they say.

    How did it come to this? I blame my so-called friends, again.

  11. I'm always so impressed by your mileage.

    And Leadville? Awesome!

  12. Lies about your Rim to rim to rim post! It's been over a weeek :P


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