Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Looking for Leadville pacers, training almost done, some thoughts on Limberlost

Decided to open with a picture of Kim running at Limberlost. She has been training her ass off to get ready to run her first 50k at Oil Creek in October. Also lets be honest pictures of Kim are much more  pleasing than my ugly mug.

I am looking for pacers for Leadville so if you are going to be in Colorado the weekend of August 18th  and have nothing more interesting to do you can watch me suffer in person. What I get will be someone that can push me a bit, mule for me and will have a brain that is still functioning enough to do basic math. What you get is a suffering, mostly likely bitchy, grumpy, tired runner that may or may not be mumbling incoherently. Doesn't that sound like a bargain? I promise not to puke on your shoes if I can at all help it. Disclaimer: this in no way is an actual guarantee but is only a vague promise which I can not really be held to.

If you are interested leave a message.

I am into my last week of heavy training for Leadville and will start to taper next week. Thank goodness as I am starting to get a little burnt out at this point. I brought the mileage back up in July and shut down the weights until after the race. I am in shape (I think) and healthy but still worried about the big wild card also know as altitude but since just like the weather I have no control over it I cant worry about it. Hey Pierre if you really can control the weather can you give me sunny but cool at Leadville on the 18th?

I decided not to do a race report on Limberlost as I was just using it as a run. If you have run this you are already aware that this is a beautiful but tough trail. I had hoped to put up a time about the same as 2 years ago. Well that didn't happen.

Things went okay for the first 2 loops around the 14km course. That said I already was slowing in the second half of loop 2. I think that might have had a lot to do with my heavy training mileage the last few weeks and the temperature climbing to 36. Man it was so hot and the 35 percent drop rate reflected that. Once it was clear that a good time was not happening I slowed it down and went into survival mode. Managed to finish and actually was a good test mentally as the temptation to pack it in each time you came through the start / finish at the end of the loop was huge.

Once again the RD did a great job given the difficult conditions. This race is well organized at every level from course markings to finishing area and food. Well done guys.


  1. aha! hay chris! i thought the FIRST thing you should warn a pacer about is you puking ...

    great shot of kim!

  2. Hi Chris. Saw you and Kim just before the start at Limberlost. I DNF'd after 3 laps unfortunately but glad you got through it. I know it's too late to think about altitude training but don't underestimate it. I did a cycling trip to China at 5,000 meters and when we landed I was winded just climbing 2 flights of stairs. If you can get there a few days before the race that will help alot but take it easy and all the best to you.

  3. If I was on the same continent as you I would have loved a Leadville pacer's experience. Yay for Kim!

  4. Good luck Kim on her first 50k! Have fun at Leadville, wish I could be there.

  5. I enjoyed your Limberlost thoughts but you are missing one comment… “ Train Wreck”. We were in such good company weren’t we.

  6. Good luck finding a pacer and at Leadville!

    1. Hey Chris. I don't actually control the weather, but Honda Logistics seems to have some influence - I don't ask any questions. I'm not sure if you want hot or freezing for August 18 in Leadville, but here is what LOG will be providing in Leadville Colorado:

      Rain, stormy during the morning, cloudy in the PM, then below freezing during the night. They mumbled something about tornados, but in their slurred speech, it sounded like Oklahoma... The LOG group expirements with weather altering drugs...

  7. Just wanted to wish you best of luck at Leadville Chris. Enjoy every minute as Leadville is an amazing place. Having done Leadville if I can offer you any advice it's don't doddle in the aid stations and suck it up big time when the going get's tough. Twin Lakes aid station is a mad house especially if it's raining. Get in and out fast as getting over Hope Pass before the cutoff is key as you have to do it all over again. Enjoy!!!

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  9. I hope that Kim could do it and get a great position and I know that you will do it great. If you have been training a lot.


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