Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston sorrow, Hyner View Trail 50k this weekend

Boston Marathon
Not a lot I can say here. Its often hard to understand or believe that there are people out there in the world that are this sick and twisted. Like most distance runners I had a lot of friends running Boston. They all were lucky enough to escape being physically injured although some saw things that they will surely never forget. Our hearts go out to those that were injured and their families. I can't image just how awful this is for them.

On the same note what is the main stream medias problem? How about you guys try to report actual facts instead of speculating and then calling those musings factual information. From constantly reporting on more bombs found right after the event to today saying an arrest had been made when it hadn't. Really guys? Really? How hard is it to actually get facts before reporting something as reality. We used to have a word for that. It was called journalism.

Hyner View Trail 50k
We are headed down to  Pennsylvania this weekend to run Hyner View. Kim is running the 25k and I am doing 50. Not really racing it as much as using it as a nice hard long run. Trails look really great with the 50k having 6600 ft of climb. The 25k also has a whopping 4226 ft of climb. Seems like a perfect way to open up the spring season.

This is a race almost didn't happen for me. The registration closed a month before the race and I totally missed this fact while I was considering running the race. I knew I really wanted to do it but was waiting for my injury issue to clear up before registering.

I actually left a message on the site expressing my disappointment at not noticing this and then I got a huge surprise. The RD, Craig Fleming, reopened the 50k registration for an extra week. That allowed both myself and Carlos Vicens to sign up. So a big thank you to the Race Director on this one.


  1. That elevation profile...holy shit. If I ran with you I wouldn't be whining about the < 1 mi little inclines!

  2. Have a great 50K! Safe travels.

  3. Good luck this weekend. Got a 50K on Sat myself.

  4. Good luck in your race. Hope it all goes well.

  5. I hope the race went well for you!!

    Sucky world sometimes we live senseless about Boston!

  6. Like Jill, I'm also behind in my blog-followings (and writings for that matter). Hope your race went well! The media was quite frustrating in those first few days, but then again they are usually quick to report, slow to check facts. Big sigh of relief when suspects were caught/killed, but heart still hurts for the victims!


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