Thursday, May 1, 2014

Out of Hibernation

In my mind I look like this

This is probably more accurate though

Over the last few weeks it has become clear that it's finally safe to come out of my self imposed hibernation and get back to some running and blogging. Don't get me wrong I still ran all winter but holy cow did it suck a great deal of time. Snow, ice, -25, snow, -30, ice storm, -25, snowy ice, pretty much sums up the entire last 4 months. It was easily the worst winter for running in the 7 years that I have been doing serious distance. Nobody wants or needs to read about that and I really didn't want to write about it either.

Well thankfully thats done and now its time to get back to some serious running and training. I have started to ramp things up and the last 3 weeks have been solid (100k, 115k, 125k) although I am a little behind where I like to be at this time of year.

Whats Coming Up
This years running schedule is starting to take shape. There some changes and some maybes but the spring at least is becoming clearer. First the bad news. I had to drop from the SD100 in June. I was pretty disappointed but work made it a no go this year. I will get out to California to run this in the next few years though unless I decide I hate running, trail and sunshine. I might go for it next year depending on what fate the Western States Lottery Gods have in store for me.

The biggest goals for the summer are to get my WS qualifier in and to make sure I have my 8 points for the UTMB lottery. That ends up playing into race selection in a big way. I have decided to run the Mohican 100 as my goal race in the spring and the Oil Creek 100 as my goal race in the fall.

Some other races that I am running most likely will include.
PYP 50k (yeah it was last weekend, race report will follow shortly)
Seaton 50k
Cayuga 50m
Creemore 50k
Limberlost 56k or NFC 50m in Collingwood (same day but will run one)
24 or 48hrs at Dirty Girls
Haliburton 100 or Woodstock 100 (if I have my WSQ it will be Hali)
Virgil Crest 50m or 100m

Maybe races:
Burning river 100 (depends on how Mohican goes)
The Bear 100 - might do this race instead of Virgil, will be a work / money decision
Sulphur Springs - 100 is probably not a good idea, 50k and 50m are sold out. Might end up pacing someone. Have done the 100 the last 4 years so will be strange not to run it.

Coaching and RDing
The running room marathon clinic that I coach ends this week although some of the runners will be racing at Ottawa in 3 weeks. The clinic went well but the brutal weather was a big deterrent to some, particularly first timer newbies.

I will be helping with the next clinic in June but I am also going to start coaching more runners privately which will include weekly group runs. I expect to have the website up for that in the next week or 2.

I am also in the middle of putting together a new 50m / 100 mile race. It will be held in late October or early November. The last couple of years there has been a 100 miler in Creemore which will not be happening this year so it seems like a good time to start up a race. The former Creemore 100 (and current Creemore 50k) race director has kindly offered to lend a helping hand. Thanks Pierre! Yes I realize that will mean more hills. I hope to have the course details confirmed in the next month and the website up in early June.

Good luck to those running the Toronto and Mississauga Marathons this weekend.


  1. I've already heard about those weather conditions in your country. Anyway, I think you will be ready for your two next goals ... you have time, although you haven't been running as much as you should. Please, let me know about your next adventure.
    Enjoy your training and the Spring weather!

  2. Glad to see you back blogging and nice to finally meet you last weekend! The racing season you have lined up looks impressive and can't wait to read about it! Happy running.

  3. New race with Hills ... great idea Chris. So give us a hint of the Venue. I am looking for a longer one in the late fall , early winter.

  4. Good to read that you are back blogging and quite the 2014 race itinerary! There is definitely demand for a 50M/100M in Ontario in the fall. Ron: I think that "we" will like the venue...


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