Monday, January 17, 2011

The Year of Adventure - 2011 Racing Plans

This year I am designating the YEAR OF ADVENTURE with a focus on more US races including a few races that are on the must do list. The year is set up with a focus on road racing early in the spring before hitting ultras the rest of the year.

Racing Plans

Last year in the first half of the season I found that running marathons and 50ks as long runs in training worked really well for me. That means I plan to do some of that again this year. That will include marathons in Florida and Vegas as well the usual pile of OUSER races.

Here are the big races / runs I am hoping to hit this year as long as I am able physically, mentally and financially. For a full racing schedule check out race listings on the right side of my blog.

Jan 30 and Feb 6 - Miami marathon and Melbourne marathon

Basically two glorified long runs in Florida on consecutive Sundays. The bread of our holiday sandwich which will include a week of beaches and theme parks ...... mmmhhh theme parks.

March 5 - Red rock marathon in Las Vegas.

A weekend in Vegas, a Saturday morning running in the desert. For some strange reason this falls right into the middle of my hill training. Coincidence, I think not, time to pound those hills.

May 15 - Toronto Marathon

My target Marathon for the Spring. Really hoping to be able to grab a Boston Qualifier out of this one because after this race my year becomes all about the Ultra. I should have a realistic idea of my chances by looking at my Around the Bay time at the end of March. We shall see.

June 18 - Mohican 100 miler

After being spit on twice by the lottery gods and not getting into Western States or Massanutten 100 I spent a good deal of time pondering what 100 miler to do. So many great choices but decided to go with the Mohican as its close by so we can road trip there. Looks like JD is likely to be doing this one as well. Ahhh, shared pain.

July 30 - Burning River 100

back to Ohio for the Burning River 100 miler. This will be the first point to point 100 that I have ever attempted so should be fun.

August 20th - Pikes Peak Marathon

Start at 6000 feet, run 13.1 miles up to the peak at 14,000 feet, run back down 13.1 miles to where you started. How cool is that? Something tells me that this might be a tough one but I will get lots of mountain training here in Toronto .. HAAA.

Sept. 24 - Virgil Crest 100 miler

A quick trip across the border to New York State for my final 100 miler of the season. Its a UTMB qualifier (4 points) so I expect it to be tough going right from the start.

Late Oct. - Rim to Rim to Rim

Its off to the Grand Canyon with JD and others to run R2R2R. For those that dont know this is not a race but is a must do run. You run from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the bottom, across the canyon and up the other side to the other rim. Then you turn around and go back. Total distance is about 50 miles.

Nov 7th - NYC Marathon

The lottery gods surely you have spit on me enough this year already. We will be running NYC if I manage to somehow get my name pulled in the lottery. Kim got selected last year but deferred it so we could go together this year. After being rejected in the last 5 lotteries I have entered my number has to come sometime doesn't it?


  1. Those look like great races!! I am running Robbie Burns and ATB too!

  2. If you lose the lottery 3x for NYC you are supposed to get in as a lucky lottery loser. Check it out.

  3. These are all cool but I can't wait to hear about Pike's Peak!

  4. Chris, Let me know if you actually make it to NYC. Would love to meet up and I am planning on running too. Peace EricG

  5. What a race schedule! I might see you at Pikes Peak.

  6. Let us know if you get in to Pikes Peak - you might want to do a few small hills before that ;-)

  7. Wow Chris what a list...I'm envious. Pikes Peak one of my favourite places to visit.

  8. Looks like a great list! I'll be doing the miami half so let me know if you want to get together at the start!

  9. Very nice line-up! Especially the RIM to RIM. If you ever find yourself in WA in the spring: We havea nice local 50-miler. Actually, I think there are lots of ultras because I do have one crazy-cool friend who runs them around these parts. Anyway - I've done the Mt. Si as a relay and it's very nice (but not technical) trails.

  10. So exciting! I didn't realize there was a Red Rock Marathon - I really enjoyed my short run when I was out there for work.

  11. Great looking list there Chris. Some amazing races. Looks like you'll be spending some time doing some uphill treadmill runs...especially for Pikes Peak and Virgil.

  12. Great list! Gonna be great following you on these experiences. Hope to see ya in NYC!

  13. wowza. that's a lot of running and there are some REALLY hard ones in there. i have a friend that did pikes peak and said that you basically fall all the way down. that will be earning your battle scars for real.

  14. That's a full plate. Start eating!

  15. Sounds like a great year coming up for you! Good luck!! :0)

  16. Hiya. Think I saw you (twice) pre-Robbie Burns today but since we were at adjacent urinals it seemed like the wrong time to ask if it was you. Hope you had a good race!

  17. Looks like a great year is planned. Your gonna love the Miami marathon. It was so much fun.

    I hope the lottery is good to me in April for the NYC marathon as well. Perhaps I will see you there.

  18. That's a very impressive race schedule. All the best!!!


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