Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Gu, Leadville training week 3, Slainte 5k?

Free GU
You read it right. Free GU. All you have to do go to and join the GU challenge.

Its free and easy. For the next month you log your miles (it downloads from your garmin or Iphone) and depending on mileage you get free GU. Just go there and check it out. God do I have to hold your hand all the time!

Leadville Training Week 3
Another good week of training but with tired legs from the Chilli HM it was a challenge. Managed to get in 130k including a good hill workout and took my long run up to +40k for the first time this spring. I also ran the Slainte 5k on Saturday. I managed to put in 5 days of strength training at the gym and 40 min on the bike.

In what I call kind of training on Saturday Kim and I went out for dinner with a number of fellow Ultra Runners. Food, beer and a pretty good time, it's always nice to see people after the winter hibernation. I got some really great advice from Stephen, Kinga M.and Charlotte V. on their training and some things that I could add to mine. Thanks Guys and Girls. I know girls should be implied under guys but I am trying to become a more sensitive, metrosexual man. I am guessing you didn't buy that crap at all did you? Well don't feel bad, I threw up in my mouth just typing it.

Slainte 5k
So no real race report from the Slainte as I was not racing it. It became clear after only 1k that my legs were totally shot which was not unexpected after a HM 6 days earlier and a 90k week up to that point. If I had it in me I was going to run it hard and if not then just take it as a quick run. Well not having it in me was an understatement. My legs were so fried that the 3rd km was actually as slow as my slowest km during the HM .... Yikes.

Then there was the extra 500 meters that we had to run. Supposedly the lead motorcycle officer took a wrong route making this 5k into a 5.53k race. I am sorry but extra mileage in a race is not giving me " more bang for my buck". However I did enjoy the beer, chilli and great company of other Longboaters at the end of the race so it was all worth it. Thanks for including me George, thought I would put that in to see if you are reading this thing or not.


  1. Yea I'd say a 90k week is a valid excuse for a sloppy 5k race. That's understandable. Nice volume week! And who's going to turn down free gu? Nobody!

  2. Sounds like your training is going great! Your mileage always amazes me! Awesome.


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