Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leadville training week 1, Feb totals, Chilli Half Marathon this weekend

Leadville training week 1 is in the bank
Oh, Ah, okay not really but its done. I managed to put down my first week of training for Leadville quicker then that little kid put a bullet in Old Yellers head. Just 25 more weeks to go. Seems like a long time from now but its going to go quickly. Thats what happens when a race you're registered in actually scares the crap out of you.

Last week managed to get a solid training week in getting my mileage up to 130km for the first time this year. That included a solid hill workout, a bit of a tempo run and a decent 37k, hilly long run. I also managed to get 5 strength training days in at the gym which I then tried to undo with a few to many beers.

The month of February went well as far as training goes and was a nice build on the offseason. I was worried that I was going to have a issue when I developed some heel pain but it appears to be fine for now. See the totals for February below.

Runs - 26
Distance - 302.5 miles or 486.8km
Weight workouts - 18
Cycle - 1 hr.

This week has been a recovery week for me so I have dropped the mileage down to give the legs a break before I start to work towards those 100 mile weeks. Less mileage doesnt mean less intesity however so its will still be a couple of quality days and a Half Marathon to end the week.

The Chilli Half Marathon this weekend
Okay I got to be honest about it. I am really not a big fan. I have run this one twice before and had some issues with the race. I figured I might as well run it this year (after skipping it for 2 years) as its easy to get to and makes for a good hard run. I have no intention on racing full out but then again once you get going who knows. All that hill training I have been doing should come in handy on this super flat course. NOT.

Up next week - a return to high mileage and a nasty blog about the assholiness of "Elitism"

PS - If they did a remake of Old Yeller do you think they would actually show us the dogs head exploding. You know they would!


  1. Hope you have a better experience this weekend at the Chilli. I am doing the 5km instead of the half this time around...less time to run, more time to drink coffee and cowbell my friends on.

  2. dude, 26 runs in 29 days? a 305 mile month? that's insane. I'd say you're well on your way to leadville.

  3. YAY! You're writing again. Have fun not racing this weekend. Maybe I'll see you again!

  4. Solid Month! Look forawrd to hearing about Leadville. On my to do list for sure. Peace E

  5. So much to say. First, I can't believe you drank beer without me. Second, I don't believe for a minute that you will not race the Chile half. Third, after reading a nasty blog post ("CrossFit vs Ultrarunning. Which is more nauseating?", sounded funny, it wasn't), I was going to do an intolerance post! Been stewing all week!

    Have a great "training run" at the Chili.

    1. Hey JD,
      I read the crossfit vs ultrarunning blog. I think the guy was trying to be funny. He wasnt. Speaking of Funny at the olympic trials in Houston he had his ass handed to him by a couple of ultra runners. Ironic no?

    2. okay guys, i just got around to reading that blog. hilarious! guess i'm nauseating on both counts! if you can't laugh at yourself, you're taking things too serious. so i'll keep 'waddling' and dry humping pull-up bars - cuz it makes me happy!

      good luck today chris!

  6. Great job in February! I don't think I could lay down that mileage even if I wanted to.

    I'm looking forward to the nasty blog.

  7. Wow , great mileage + the weight workouts …awesome month Chris!

  8. Those are some mighty miles! You must have a good set of legs!

  9. I didn't know you were doing Leadville. Here's a friend's blog you may want to visit and get to know, he is doing Leadville for the first time also (a fellow teacher I used to work with here in Denver):

    Your mileage looks great. Good luck with the half this weekend. I always do that too...say it'll just be a "tempo" run then I end up going all-out and killing myself. Haha.


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