Friday, April 27, 2012

No NYC Marathon again, PYP 50k this Saturday

New York City Marathon
Well what can I tell you. Once again I put my name in the lottery for the NYC marathon and sadly my losing at the lottery streak continues. By my count this is the 12th straight time my name has not been picked in various race lotteries. Clearly the Lotto Gods just do not like me at all. I have yet to meet a lottery that I can't get picked in.

The Good
 I am now a 3 time loser at NYC so I am in next year if I decide to go. If you were to ask me today if I still want to go I would be telling you Hell No. I know that is just the bitterness I am currently feeling about the whole process so I expect I will not think the same way about it later.

The Bad
Kim is in and after deferring last year she is running it this year. I am happy for her but dread the thought of going to the NYC Marathon and watching it from the sidelines. It has got to be the runners version of being water boarded, a slow torture that will seem to last forever. GRRRR

First I couldn't do Chicago with her a couple of summers ago now NYC. Maybe I am being punished for making her crew me in all those 100 milers. If she manages to crew me to a successful finish at Leadville this year I promise not to scowl the entire weekend in NYC.

Tomorrow we will be heading up to Barrie to run Pick Your Poison which is the first OUSER race of the season. This is the third time I have done this race and it has been a great fun every year. I had thought about not running but I just like this race way to much to skip it.  I will be doing 50k as a training run to get ready for Sulphur  Springs while Kim is running 25k. I also figure 50k of trail on a very hilly course is perfect to run during my taper for the Toronto Marathon the following weekend. Okay that was a joke, kind of. Hey at least its a better taper then last year when I ran PYP and then 50 miles at Bear Mountain the next weekend as my "taper" for Toronto.

Originally when I signed up for Toronto I had planned to race it but a change in the OUSER race schedule caused me to change my mind. Now I will run it as a training with some race pace. My big focus for the spring is Sulphur so I am trying to remember that every time I think about doing something stupid. I have to be honest, it's only kind of working.

Oh, my hamstring / quad issue is still ongoing. That is all I am going to say about that.


  1. Sorry about NYC. I am in the same boat.

  2. I have to be honest..when i got in this year i thought it was a much so that i went and checked my credit card! Do it next year while you can still get in that way!!! I think they are stopping that!

  3. Good luck on your 50k. Maybe you can use your NYC anger on that course? There are just SO MANY PEOPLE who apply to NYC. Just be glad you are grandfathered in where with 3 denials you get an auto entry. They aren't do that anymore! Next year will be your year!

  4. Sorry about NYC but yeah for Kim! Good luck tomorrow at Pick Your Poison, I didn't realize it was this weekend (I'm doing 5 Peaks tomorrow but definitely not 50K).

  5. Never mind Chris. With your schedule this year I would not be too disappointed :0)

  6. Sorry about NY. I bet after watching it this year you'll want to do it even more next year. :)

    Good job at PYP! Just saw the results.


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