Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Training update, last months totals, PYP

Just a quick training update. April ended up going only okay, not great. My quad/ hamstring issue caused me to shut things down for 5 days at the start of the month. Not a fun time at all. After a few days rest it was back to running. It all went well at first but I am beginning to have a "reoccurrence". This week is a recovery week of lower mileage so I am hoping that will help. If not I may end up with a 3 week taper to Sulphur instead of my normal 2 weeks of laying around. With the Toronto Marathon this coming weekend I am going to play it by ear.

April Totals
Runs - 23
Quality runs - 6
Long runs - 7
B2B long runs - 3 times
Distance - 282 miles or 454 km
Weight workouts - 15

Yearly Mileage
1094.2 miles or 1760.9 km

Pick Your Poison went great with both Kim and I running well. Should have a race report in a day or 2.


  1. those are numbers you should by happy with. keep at it, through the ups and downs!

  2. Congrats on your Toronto Marathon. That is a pretty solid result, paticularly considering the OUS events are your A races. I didn't quite get into your finish line photo, I finished 344th to your 343rd.

  3. Give us some race reports!! The people need to eat!

  4. I hope that you can get over your quad/hamstring issue. When it starts to happen a lot frequent. it is better to check with a specialist.


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