Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mohican Trail Marathon report – Limberlost not really a race report

Mohican Trail Marathon
While I was running around in the woods in Ohio for what is a ridiculous amount of time and distance by sane peoples standards my wife was running with 5 other Ontario runners in the Marathon. Apparently she is still smart enough to run reasonable races no matter how hard I try to make her to get whacky.

Read her Mohican Marathon race report over on my coaching website.
You can check it out here.       C+C runners at the Mohican Marathon.

Limberlost- not really a race report

Well things didn't exactly go as planned in the 56k race at Limberlost. I made it a whole 13k before severely turning my ankle. I decide I should not be stupid and stopped running on it right away. I want to say that is because of the lessons I learned from running on a sprained ankle at Haliburton 2 years ago but that is most likely not true. The decision to drop was easy with 43k still to go, not sure how easy it would have been if I had been deeper into the race.

This is the second time I have taken a DNF in a 50k race. The first time was at ..... you guessed it, Limberlost. Have no idea why that is but it sucks.

It was kind of weird at the race this year as many of the usual ultra people were up in Collingwood running the NorthFace Challenge. I had actually though about doing Limberlost on Saturday and then hitting the half marathon distance in Collingwood on Sunday. Glad I did't sign up as there was no way I would have been able to run on my gimp leg.

I also noticed that there were a lot of very fast road runners that I know that were doing the HM, many of them as their first trail race which was kind of cool. I felt bad for the front of the packers as I read that they were misdirected by a race marshall and ended up DNFing. They didn't run the full course through no fault of their own. Not exactly the first time trail race experience you would want. Hopefully some of them will end up hitting the trails again.

I went up to Limberlost with Kim and a few other runners that I coach / run with. They all did the 28k and had decent races. See my previous comments about Kim being smart.

Hopefully Dirty Girls is up next but that will depend on how quickly this ankle heals.

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