Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm Back .. Western States Lottery and becoming a pacing Elf

I'm back! At least that's the hope anyway. Would like to make some kind of guarantee about that but I seem to remember promising to start posting regularly again a few times before only to follow that up with the greatest impression of Houdini ever.
I have not died, okay maybe just a little bit inside. I have not been institutionalized in a State Hospital which is actually pretty surprising to some people and I did not decide to swear off technology and move to a remote cabin like Ted Kaczynski.
No I just got real busy and real lazy all at the same time. Yes it is possible to be both at the very same time. Looks like I am not going to fix the busy part so I will try to at minimize the lazy part. So what has dragged me out of my summer slumber? Well first came the realization that if I don't write this stuff down I am bound to forget that it happened or at least exactly how it happened. That's old age for you. Even the stuff I would much rather forget should be written down somewhere. Then there is the wife who likes to remind me that I once had a blog that some people actually read once and a while and when am I getting back to that. Lastly there was this encounter at Oil Creek as my wife ran me in to the finish. HaHa ran, who am I kidding, try slowly walked me in at a zombie death shuffle pace.

Runner passing me “Hey I know you” says the guy I don't think I have seen before.
“Yeah, I used to read your blog” he says.
Ouch!! I mean he meant it in a nice way but all I heard was used to read your blog which kind of translates into what ever happened to your blog. I just got lazy seems like a wildly inappropriate answer to that. 

Turns out I have lots to write about that is going on right now and lots of stuff coming up. I also have a pile of unfinished oh so last summer race reports. I will try to keep up on the new stuff while revisiting this past summers racing with a few untimely race reports. Nothing like reminiscing about a run in a heat wave while the snow is falling outside.

Western States Lottery
Here we go again, names in for the WS 100 lottery. Drawing is this Saturday and I will be watching it online which is some kind of sick self torture. This is the 5th year of attempting to get in and the chances are 54% according to the website. All my previous failures give me 16 tickets and it looks like a good chance but I am not holding my breath. The lottery gods hate me so I think it will be another 2 or 3 years before they honour me by agreeing to take my money.

Tannenbaum 10k
Will be heading down to the Tannenbaum 10k on Sunday. I am not racing but will be a pacing Elf for one of the pacing groups. That's Elf not Alf. It should be a lot of fun and there are about 6 runners I am coaching racing. Here's hoping for no snow between now and then. Check back next week to find out how it went.


  1. Good luck with the lottery! And good luck to your clients!

    I think a pacing Alf would be pretty funny, too.

  2. Glad you are back and good luck with the lottery!!

  3. Great to see you're back blogging! It's nice to meet people who used to read your blog ... they could follow it again. Isn't it?
    Good luck with the lottery

  4. Hope the lottery worked out in your favor this time. Looking forward to reading some race reports!


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