Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 It's Deja vu all over again

So here we are already half way through the month of January and I am finally getting around to blogging again. I should be taking stock of last years goals etc. but I kind of missed that window. Maybe subject matter for a later day? Who knows, guess we will see.

I been pretty busy at home taking care of the important stuff. You know, watching TV, playing PS3, drinking beer. I believe I am currently in first place in the Slackathon World Championships. Okay maybe thats a slight exaggeration as I have been doing some training as well.

Everything old is new again
After I changed my approach to training last year with mixed results I have decided to go Back to the Future. That means back to less focus on high mileage and more focus on quality workouts. Okay just so we don't get too confused that doesn't mean low mileage but I am going to try and find a happy medium between the big miles and tough workouts.

That change for me means a refocus on road racing for the first 4 months of the year. I haven't run a marathon in racing mode for almost 2 years so I figure its time to do one hard. Looks like it will be either Vancouver or Toronto which are on the same weekend, May 6th, so deciding which one can wait. It will be crush or be crushed as I try to bare down and get a Boston Qualifier.

Dont worry I will head back to trails on May 7th as I plan on doing a number of shorter ultras in preparation for a late spring 100 miler and then building up for the big race next year at Leadville. So far my tentative schedule is as follows although I expect I will add a few more short 5 and 10k races as speed workouts in April.

Jan 29 Robbie Burns 8k
March 4 Chilly HM
March 14 Achilles 5k
March 25 ATB 30k
May 6 TO Mar
May 12 Seaton
May 26 Sulphur Springs
June 16 Mohican 100
July 7 Creemore 50k
July 14 Limberlost 56k
Aug 18 Leadville 100

Once again I am teaching a Marathon Clinic for the Running Room although this time I am co-instructing in order to be able to spend the time needed with Longboat where I will be helping with some of the coaching.
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