Friday, June 20, 2014

New Coaching Site, Mohican 100 this weekend

Coaching site is up
As some of you already know I have been coaching distance running for a running store for about the last 4 years with co coach Chris Henderson. Although we are still doing that we figured that it was finally time we start taking on some runners on our own.

Check out our website at candcrunnningfactory to see what kind of programs and group runs we have going on. If you have any interest just let us know. We are looking forward to spreading our own personal kind of misery as far and wide as possible.

Return to Mohican
This weekend I am headed back to Loudonville Ohio to run the Mohican 100 miler. In 2011 I attempted this race only to be forced to drop out at around 70 miles with heat exhaustion. If you need reminding read it here. It was my first DNF ever and left me bitter for years afterwards. Some say I am still bitter today. I had no idea it was so stinking hot in Ohio. So here goes with the do over. Funny thing is it looks like after 2012 and 2013 of having hot but not crazy hot weather the same nasty temperatures have come back for my return run. Not much you can do about that though. I plan to start slow and stagger across the finish line at a snails pace where Kim will resusatate me with a giant beer.

Should be fun though as Kim is running the marathon distance and 5 other marathoners that I coach are also joining us. It will be the first time doing the marathon on trail for all of them. Hopefully nobody bursts into flames.
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