Friday, December 6, 2013

A blog post about nothing or something like that

You would think I would have lots to say as I have not posted in forever but even so this is pretty much my  blog equivalent to a Seinfeld episode. I figured that it was time to get back at it anyway. Its not like there is not much to write in fact the current state of this blog reminds me of our return flight from NYC. Just like the hour we spent at LaGuardia waiting in the airplane conga line to take off  I have about 10 posts in various stages of completion. Hopefully I will be able to shove them out the door and into the world in quick and short order.

In the meantime this is week 8 of marathon training and so far so good. No injuries and lots of good strong workouts. Whats that? Didn't I mention I am training for a February marathon? Guess that infos in one of those not yet released blog posts. More to come on that later for now here is Novembers training numbers. Mileage was a bit low after running 500km in October but I ended up losing a week to a bad cold which cost me a few hard workouts as well.

Runs - 21
Quality runs - 6
Long runs -4
Total time - 35:14:22
Distance - 226.57 miles or 364.9km

The one other big deal this week is that its that time of year again. Its time for the Western States lottery. That means what I run next year as far as big races go will get decided fairly quickly once the lottery verdict is in. This is the fourth year in a row for me and I am not holding my breath even with 4 tickets in the lottery. Looks like that gives me about a 25% chance of getting my name pulled but given my  0 for 14 lottery losing streak I am pessimistic. Okay I am always pessimistic but even more than usual. I will stay glued to my computer WS live feed tomorrow like a little kid waiting for his Daddy to come home after he went out for a pack of smokes. Hope springs eternal .... Yadda Yadda

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