Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekly training roundup and track workout pics

This is what track does to people. Proceed at your own risk

Training Update

Sunday 11 miles
NO Long run instead raced a 10 miler. Can see my race report in the post before this one. Nuff said.

Monday 6.5 miles
NO long run means no rest for the wicked. My runners brain (or lack of one)induced me to get back out there. Ran it as a recovery run... really slow. I mean slooowww. Did it on the trails

Tuesday 10 miles
Ran up to St. Clair and met Steve. Ran on the beltline. Legs were tired but pace was okay.. still recovering from Sunday.

Wednesday 8 miles
Crappy and good all at the same time. Showed up at the community center after work to change for the club run. There early to get some miles in before hand. Was denied entry for being to early.. WHAT!!!. Told couldn’t change as day camps were on. Left quietly but very pissed about the underlying inference. Stewed for 30 minutes in anger.. not what I want before a run.

Run itself did 2 minutes X 10 intervals at a 6:45 pace in the middle of my run. Thanks George, Alex and Christine for pacing it. Cut the run short because I didn’t get my early miles in and also my legs were pretty freaking tired.

Thursday 10 miles
Steady run on my normal 8 mile road route with a couple of extra laps around the block. Legs feeling good, maybe to good. Ran it a bit too fast.

Friday 7.5 miles
Track workout. Did 400,1200,400,1200,400,1200 . Super pleased with the results. Knocked 8 seconds off of my usual 1200 time at the same intensity level. Could I really be getting faster. Its so cool when you see your training actually working.

Saturday 9 miles
Club run on trails. Ran well but took it easy. Got a 20 miler tomorrow. Legs close to full recovery from the race.. I think.

Week total projected 65 miles
Actual run total 62 miles

With no long run I can live with that.

Track Pictures from a few weeks ago. Thanks to Steve for bringing out the camera.

George in Coach mode - he looks so offical

Stretching - so many jokes for this one I am just going to let it go

warm up 400 let the pain begin

Steve getting ready to leave us in his dust

Mark and Rob

Me on the track

John leading the pack

Steve and Mark

Rob and me working hard

George and Rob - oh no their taking names

me on the track - almost done

Me and Rob talking trash about Steve B.

Pacing Kim

Kim and me - its over

George gives us the workout time summaries - I need a nap

Mark demonstrates the effects of a good track workout


  1. Nice week, Chris!

    No rest day?!

  2. You are definitely hard-core.... well done :)

  3. It looks inhumane... But good work! :D

  4. wow, lots of mileage and no rest days. i am officially jealous! ana-maria

  5. wonder how the 20 miler went especially as it poured on Sunday...

  6. ahh track workouts... so good and yet so bad.

    62 miles is excellent with no 'real' long run!

  7. Makes me tired just looking at your week! Do you never have a rest day?

  8. Since my long runs these days consist of 8-10 milers, I would have to call your week...."all long runs!"

  9. Can we just skip the track work out and go straight to the nap?

  10. Whoaaa.. this is some serious miles you are putting into. It is a shame that there is no such thing as having frequent mileage program for runners like airlines do.

  11. Thats one exciting experience! You are strong inded! : ) Make it work all the time! Keep the passion high and higher! Kudos!

  12. Nice pictures! My last track workout would have just one: me hobbling off with this calf thing. And to answer your question, no I didn't feel the need to use the "special" phones at the end of the bridge. In fact, it didn't come to mind and I'm not sure if they still exist given the barrier that was put up a while back. (Interesting fact I learned is that the Viaduct was the second most popular suicide spot in the world, with the Golden Gate Bridge taking the top "honours". I guess that has probably changed.)


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