Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My poor unattended Blog .... how I miss update

My poor blog has gone unloved and unwritten for well over a month now. Damn how time flies. I have so much to write and so little time to "right" it.

No I have not quit running.
No I have not quit racing.
No I am not injured.
No I am not spending all my time in strip clubs and playing online poker.

The last month has been super busy doing just the opposite, racing like crazy and trying to get in my runs around a very hectic work schedule (work takes up a lot of time ... who knew).

Please Stand By .... These technical difficulties are only temporary ... I promise.

I have tonnes of stuff that I currently need to rant about plus some race reports to catch up on. I am going to try and take a different approach in order to get caught up and write more blog entries that are less rambling and shorter / to the point. Please stop laughing I am being serious here.

Training Update - 2000 miles and less weekly mileage

Late last week I surpassed 2000 miles for the year with more then two months left to go. That’s a lot of miles for me kids, especially when you take in to account that I was running about 30 miles a week last year. No wonder I am tired.

September saw less training miles due to lots of racing, recovery, racing, recovery, with me putting in only 215 miles for the month. Still pretty good considering.

October will see an even bigger dip as I have dropped my weekly training mileage down to 50 miles a week for the early part of the month. The next two weeks I will be taking it even easier as I taper for the Hamilton marathon on Nov 1.

I definitely have a love / hate relationship with the taper but will try and only do the miles that I am suppose to put in. I expect to be pretty twitchy for two weeks and in preparation for this I have purchased and even bigger coffee cup, its just a little smaller then the coffee pot itself but if I drink straight out of the pot I cant brew more at the same time.

talk to ya soon.


  1. I am is drinking more coffee going to help you "not run" during your taper? Shouldn't you be tieing your hands and feet to the sofa instead? Or..perhaps some heavy duty two sided tape adheared to your shoes.

  2. Taper is hard. But, for me, not running post marathon is harder. But, it's all worth it. Plus, in your case, it will give you more time to blog, no?

  3. Man. If you *dropped* to 50 mpw, there's good reason that life is hectic! Way to go! 2000 miles are a lot of shoes!

  4. lol love the homer photo. keep us posted please!

  5. What do you mean you are not in the strip clubs? Very disappointing.

    Glad to hear all is well.

  6. Glad to see you're still alive.

    And a for no online poker or strip clubs... Somewhat disappointing i have to admit.

  7. Ya, give us a post about the strip clubs! ;)

  8. congrats on your year to date mileage! WOW! Good luck next weekend!

  9. Holy cow about the mileage. That is freaking phenomenal. I do have the same dilemma that you have. I do find it increasingly difficult to keep up with my blog. Good Luck next weekend !!!

  10. Dude, your mileage is like my car! OK, not really, but that's a sick number! Nice work!


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