Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Longboat year end awards .... There are people crazier then me

Sunday night was the Longboat AGM dinner which is an annual event held in November at the end of the racing season. I am told that yes racing season does have an end just not at my house. It seems I live in some kind of alternate running universe where the seasons never end, where its just one big long season... kind of like LA.

This year the dinner was held at the Balmy Beach Club. I just what to say a big congratulations to Sabrina Young who will be club president for the coming year and Steve Metzger who will be Vice Pres. Both of these positions had a number of excellent candidates running for election in a kind of the club cant really lose situation. My lovely better half will also be the acting Secretary for club this year ... way to go Kim.

Also a big thank you to everyone that sat on the executive last year but a BIG special thanks to outgoing President Bert DeVries who has run the club for the last few years and done a really awesome job.

Kim and I had a great time at the AGM this year and we also managed to pick up a couple of awards. Kim won the award for Most Improved Female Runner after putting in a great year which included her first marathon and knocking 12 minutes off of her Spring HM PB in the fall.

I was given the Kevin Hayes Road Warrior Award. It seems that running many races including some crazy long distances which even most of my running buddies shake their heads at really does pay off. How will I top this next year, don’t worry I have a fiendish plan, or maybe crazy plan. Stay tuned for more details. Rob, Roger and George if your reading this please stop rolling your eyes... thanks.

Speaking of crazy as it turns out I am not the craziest runner currently in Longboat. Okay maybe I am but I am just talking about the running aspect here. That in my book has to go to Adrian Horvath.

Last month Adrian completed the Super Marathon in Europe. This is a Vienna to Budapest 5 day 320km road race. I believe that they have very strict entrance requirements. You must be able to prove that you have been under a psychiatrists care or in a mental institution within the past 18 months. Congrates Adrian but be forwarned I am devising a plan to find something even crazier to do. I may not be the fastest guy in the club but I will be the craziest. Yes I know you’re doing Comrades in May but I will think of something.

A special mention also should go out to non club member and fellow blogger JD who had planned to do Rock and Ice this winter. That ended up getting cancelled so he has replaced it with some crazy winter 100 miler in the Arctic where you have to drag a sled. Now who thought that was a good idea?


  1. congrats on your award! Wow, those events do sound a little, um, crazy! :)

  2. Congrats on your award! Can't wait to see your crazy plan.

    And stop making ME look crazy. The race is not in the Arctic. It's a bit BELOW the Arctic Circle. So there.


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