Thursday, April 1, 2010

Around The Bay race results ... New Sponsor ... Training Update / The Year so Far

Around The Bay
Briefly, here are my Around the Bay 30km race results. I ran slower then hoped but still fairly happy with the results as it was a 31 minute PB. I hope to get a full race report posted in the next few days.

Chiptime: 2:27:02
Place: 915/5703
Age Group: 127/464
Average Pace: 4:54

New Sponsor
I am very happy to have a new sponsor on board. These guys love mediocrity and I am more then will to oblige.

Protecting your backside for more then 3 months
We have got your ass

Training Update
Training this year to date has me logging in at just over 712 miles for the first 3 months of 2010. That is up from last year so I am happy with that at this point given that I was sick twice over that 3 month period. Currently I am injury free which is a blessing but also not running very well right now. I am sure being back on the trails should help straighten that out tho.

This years mileage
712.1 miles (1145.9 km)
Last years mileage at this point
618.5 miles (995.3 km)


  1. That is some crazy mileage you're putting in this year!!! Great finish at the Bay too ... I think you were that blur of speed up ahead of me :)

  2. Great run-I hope to do it next year but the weather will never be as good as it was this year!

  3. Great Bay Run. I am jealous of your sponsorship.

  4. Wow, a 31 minute persoanl best and 100 more miles so far than last year. Congrats!!

  5. Congrats Chris! it was me who called your name before 2k mark, I hope I didn't mess up your pacing.

  6. That's a great year, if you ask me :)


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