Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Training, Last Weeks Training, OUSER Warmup

This is what training for March looked like. It ended up being a very good month. The info is kind of boring but maybe there will be more excitement later in the blog, then again maybe not. Remember to cover your mouth when you yawn.

March Stats
Days run - 28
Days off - 3
X training - 8 weight workouts at the gym
Longest run - 40km
Highest mileage week - 100 miles (160km)
Total mileage - 596km or 370 miles
Races - 30km Around The Bay

If you are interested in what my training looks like you can click on the Attack Point bar graph on the right hand side of my blog. That will take you right to my running log at AttackPoint. Oh and that is also boring but in its own special way.

Last weeks training
After a good recovery week and 30km race it was back to normal training. Time to make the donuts. The week worked out well with me getting the mileage back up to 155km with a decent hill workout, tempo run and back to back long runs on the weekend. This is the first time I have ever done back to back long runs. I got to say it was kind of hard. Saturday it was trails at the OUSER warm up (more about that in a minute) for a 3 hour 15 minute run. Then Sunday it was time to take the Running Room Clinic out for a relaxing, hilly, 3 hour 24 minute run. Can you say time for a nap.

OUSER Spring warm up
The trails are coming, the trails are coming. Don't look now but here comes Ultra season. Kim and I headed up to Creemore with JD for the Ontario Ultra Series spring warm up. Pierre did a great job of setting up the course. It was hilly, it was snowy, it was tough. Talk about a fun time. Its the first time I did this event and will be back again next year. I managed to get a couple of loops of the course in before heading inside for pizza and beer. Even though a good part of the bruce trail was still under snow it was awesome running. It was also nice to see a lot of people that I have not seen since the end of last years ultra season.
Sorry no pics but you can go to westgreyrunners blog to see just how snowy it was.

I also got up to some racing shenanigans by floating the idea of running 100 miles at Burning River in July. Now there are 3 of us signed up with maybe more to join in. Let the games begin.


  1. My It Band is crying while reading your training schedule :). I have a trail race that I'm considering in May, it'll be my first! You're blog is good for encouragement!

  2. Well then... 100 miles in the summer, training in snow... o_O

  3. Great numbers for the month. Trail runs in the snow....hmmm... Great job!

  4. Sounds like fun headed your way! 100-miler in July - that will be in the shade, right?

  5. You ran .. how many ... ? eheh.
    I'm glad you are doing all the running on my behalf!
    Here's to another wonderful month.

  6. Wow, March was a good training month! Only 3 days off, you're working hard, well done :-)

  7. 28 days run in March! You really did a good training.

  8. Love to read your training schedule and totals. It's so amazing to me!

  9. You are amazing, sir!
    I also am pining away for the trails...

  10. Great numbers! Good luck with the OUSER warmup.

  11. Burning River is an awesome race! After pacing and crewing at that race for the past two years, this will be my year to run it - God willing. So yes, I will be part of the Ontario invasion.

    See you on the trails!


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